Functional ventilation guarantees healthy indoor air

  • Single family home final with ventilation for web
  • Living room with ventilation

Clean comfort for your home

The Uponor ventilation system guarantees healthy indoor air for your home as it is the most studied and safest solution. In Finland, it is the only ventilation system developed in cooperation with the Allergy and Asthma Association. Uponor's ventilation solution has been classified in the best cleanliness class M1. The system is tight and hygienic and does not release any particles or impurities into indoor air. Clean indoor air makes it easy to breathe and gives a fresh feeling.

The offering of Uponor's ventilation system currently includes the standard ventilation system and the pre-insulated system. Both systems are intended especially for single family homes. Uponor ventilation systems are mainly sold by well-equipped plumbing and heating distributors.