Pre-insulated ventilation system

  • Ventilation pre insulated pipes

Insulated ventilation products

Pre-insulated ventilation products are the same products as those of a standard ventilation system. The difference is that pre-insulated ventilation products are lined with 15 mm foamed plastic. Foamed plastic provides insulation against condensation on top of the ducts and parts, which prevents moisture from condensing on the product surface. Uponor's pre-insulated ventilation system was selected as the best construction product of 2009 by The Finnish Building Information Foundation.

Insulation material

Foamed plastic is manufactured from polyethylene foam, which is light, does not release any unpleasant itching dust, and has excellent insulating properties. Therefore, the system is also well suited for supply air cooling without any risk of condensation.
In addition, the insulation layer provides insulation against condensation in both cold and warm spaces, which means that blown loose insulation wool alone is an adequate thermal insulation on top of the ducts. This makes installation easier and faster and reduces costs.


The insulation layer is factory-made, so it is always tightly installed on top of the parts and ducts. At the same time, it is ensured that all parts of the ducts are properly insulated. The pre-insulated ducting saves installation time and costs and reduces possible installation errors.
The pre-insulated ducts and parts are connected together in the same way as the standard Uponor ventilation system. The joints are secured with fasteners. This method guarantees that the joints are tight and that the outer duct surface is moisture-free. The joints are safe and the system is energy-efficient as warm air does not go to waste. The fasteners are always delivered together with the parts.