Clean and healthy indoor air with a reliable system

  • Ventilation pipes

Clean and hygienic

The ducts and parts of the system are made of polypropylene, which is a durable plastic material without corrosion problems. The inner surface of the ducts and parts is smooth and made of antistatic material, so it does not collect any dust or dirt. The smooth inner surface is easy to clean as the ducts have no folds or cavities that collect impurities.

When delivered to the construction site, all Uponor ventilation ducts are plugged and all parts are in individual plastic bags in order for them to remain clean until the system will be installed. This also makes the storage of the products easier at the construction site.

Tight and silent ventilation system

The patented joint technology of the ducts and parts prevents moisture from getting into the structures of your house. There is no need for extra rivets or screws. The Uponor ventilation system is silent thanks to its tight joints, rounded corners, efficient silencers and ducts with smooth inner surface. As a result, your home is cosier and more comfortable to live in.

Easy and safe installation of the ventilation system

The Uponor ventilation system is easy and fast to install as no special tools are required for its installation. For example, the ducts can be cut in suitable length with a hand saw. Thanks to its high resistance, small bruises during installation cause no problem for polypropylene as there is no risk of buckling.