Ceiling heating and cooling

Varicool Eco S

The seamless plasterboard heating and cooling ceiling

Uponor Varicool Eco S is a water-based heating and cooling ceiling system that operates primarily according to the radiation principle.

With this design seamless and directionless ceiling surfaces can be created for special architectural demands. The construction method adjusts itself to the requirements for flexible room design and high heating and cooling output. Built-in elements can be integrated into the ceiling without any problems.

Quick and tool-free installation by clicking the fixing rails into the CD profiles of the ceiling substructure.

  • Flat ceiling surfaces for architectural freedom
  • High heating and cooling capacities thanks to large, thermally-active pipe surface and good contact with gypsum board
  • Clear separation of trades between drywall construction and building technology
  • Idealy suited for renewable energy sources
  • 100% diffusion resistance
  • No draughts and no noise
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Uponor Varicool Eco S salesfolder

Suspended, seamless heating/cooling ceilings

Have a look in our brochure to find out more about the technology and design of Varicool Eco S.

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