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Provision of geothermal energy

Energy-efficient heating and cooling with GEOZENT

Thermal energy from the ground is available free of charge almost everywhere for resource-saving heating but also as cooling technology for cooling down buildings. For more than 15 years, Zent-Frenger Energy Solutions has been working on technologies for thermal energy generation from geothermal energy near the surface. A key building block for using this is the geothermal heat pump, which we produce project-specifically as a complete energy centre in the power ranges 50-1,500 kW in our plant in Heppenheim, Germany.
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The system sets standards in the geothermal heat supply of commercial properties that need to be heated or naturally cooled.

(Suitable for small and medium-sized commercial buildings)
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The large-scale heat pump system offers a broad range of functions for all commercial applications with heating and cooling, dual operation, natural operation and hot water preparation (suitable for large commercial buildings). The additional use of waste heat increases the efficiency of the plant.

Animation: Geozent in office buildings

In our animation you can see the functions of the Geozent heat pumps by Uponor Energy Solutions. Perfect indoor climate in commercial buildings through effective and targeted provision of heating and cooling energy.

Performance features of our large-scale heat pump systems:

  • Simultaneous provision of heating and cooling energy
  • Different medium temperatures in the heating and cooling circuit
  • Environmentally friendly cooling agents
  • Natural and mechanical cooling operation
  • Fully integrated system hydraulics
  • Thoughtful waste heat
  • Additional high temperature output
  • Project-related, intelligent process control and performance monitoring