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Cable ducting solutions for modern constructions

The modern society requires high-speed connections and a comprehensive broadband network. Uponor's high-quality cable protection systems increase the operational reliability of electrical and communications systems. Our system can be used with fibre-optic cables installations and to protect below-ground electrical and telecommunications cables against mechanical damage from traffic and frost. 

Our protective cable protection pipes are divided into strength classes A and B according to ring stiffness and impact strength. Protective plates are of class C. Class A and class B pipes have a ring stiffness of 16 kN/m² (SN 16) and 8 kN/m² (SN 8), respectively. Thanks to the identifying colouring, each pipe type is easy to recognise in the event of future excavations. Red is used to indicate protective pipes for telecommunication cables and yellow for electrical cables.

Use of Class A (heavy duty) pipes

  • Slab-on-grade pipe installations and sand bedded channels in heavy traffic areas and channel passes under roads and paths

Use of Class B (medium-heavy duty) pipes

  • PVC pipes with Opto sockets are supplied with gasket. Other socketed PVC pipes can be installed either with or without a gasket
Cable ducting & fittings


Tripla is a three-layer polyethylene pipe with a smooth inner layer. The Tripla pipe is lightweight, making it easy to install and handle. Yet, the pipe's longitudinal stiffness is high enough that long cable channels can be kept straight in horizontal and/or vertical installations. The pipe can be bent around small obstacles without damaging the integrity of sleeve joints. The hermetic integrity of the Tripla pipe is strong enough to allow for the jetting of cable pulling ropes. In addition to pipes, the system includes a variety of pipe fittings such as bends and branches.


Tupla protective cable pipes have a double walled polyethylene (PE) structure. The pipes are smooth on the inside and corrugated on the outside. The red protective pipes for telecommunications cables are manufactured in sizes 110 and 160 mm. The pipes are equipped with an Opto socket with sealing. Uponor PE protective pipes with pulling rope are available in red and yellow, ø 50/42. The smooth inner surface makes cable pulling easy, even when the direction of the pipe changes.  The pipe coil is 50 m in length.


These cable protection pipes are made with a smooth single-layer structure in PVC. The red protective pipes for telecommunications cables are manufactured in sizes 50 and 100 mm. The pipes are equipped with an Opto socket with sealing. The yellow protection pipes for electric cables are available in sizes ø 50, 110 and 140 mm. The larger sizes (110 and 140) have no seal groove. They can be used with an O-ring sealing, if needed.


Cable ducting - Uponor Infra
Opto cable ducting & fittings

Opto pipes are intended for installations using the cable jetting technique. The pipes are delivered as one coiled length of pipe. Optical fibre cable installations are one of the many applications of polyethylene (PE) Opto pipes. The ring stiffness of an Opto pipe corresponds to strength class A. To reduce the friction of jetted cables, the pipe's inner surface can be treated either by grooving or by adding a layer of silicone. This can reduce friction by several dozen percent. Opto pipes can be delivered in accordance with the customer's own colour choices and identification information. Joints should be made pressure-resistant by electric welding or with mechanical connectors. Colour: black. Size 40 mm.

Uponor Opto-kaapelinsuojausjärjestelmä
Cable protection & warning tape/mesh

Protect you cables

Cable protection secures buried cables and pipes from damages after installation. Marking tape is used to mark the presence of cables or pipes. Warning mesh is used to identify pipes and cables and to prevent accidental damage during excavation work.

Uponor Warning Mesh has a special structure to achieve maximum warning effect. The longitudinal threads burst in diagonal direction when tightened. The fragments are spread randomly around the load point and always leave visible parts of at least 20 cm. In order to be able to read the text, for a possible excavation, there is a punch between the individual text lines. The text and thus the information remain intact. The text on the warning network is printed directly on the middle band in the warning mesh.

Cable & Telecom warning tape - Uponor Infra

Uponor Garden Hub – your garden's new distribution terminal

Connect electric cables and water pipes below ground with the Uponor Garden Hub. The cylindrical hub is placed in a suitable location below ground and covered with a lid to protect against dirt and external loads. The end result is a pristine garden with no visible cabling.

Uponor Garden Hub -kytkentäkeskuksen kautta saadaan maan alla kytkettyä niin sähkö- kuin vesijohdot.