Avo-ojien muuttaminen viljelymaaksi salaojituksen avulla suurentaa viljeltävää peltopinta-alaa 10–20 %.

Agricultural drainage

Underground field drainage improves field productivity

The transformation of open ditches into crop land through underground drainage increases the arable land area by 10-20%. At the same time, shaping, sowing, and harvesting takes less time, as machinery is able to work more efficiently. New drainage is typically needed when improving the drainage of old fields or changing field parcels. Field drainage plans take into account the landscape, soil quality, ground water conditions, possible discharge locations, and the locations of drainage water collection and pipes as well as their service drains.

Uponor field drainage pipes are flexible, corrugated PVC pipes that are mainly used for the drainage of fields, lawns, and other areas with vegetation. In addition to ordinary perforated coiled and standing pipes, the selection includes unperforated installation pipes coated with coconut filters. Uponor field drainage pipes comply with the quality and functional requirements of the SFS 5211 standard and have been granted the SFS marking. The selection also includes drum and combination pipes for ditches in fields and roads.

In addition to the pipes, the field drainage system includes underground drainage chambers and outlets. Check the product catalogue for all components of the system.

Drainage chambers
The field drainage inspection chambers are easy to install thanks to a few small, yet important, details. The drainage chambers are light and equipped with lifting loops, which makes them easier to handle at the installation site. Because the chambers do not have fittings, they can be installed to the desired height. Chambers can be installed 0.5 m below the ground, in which case the metal flap on the lid indicates its location. The base of the chamber is easily anchored in place.
Drainage pipes
The orange colour of the discharge plug stands out well against the terrain, making it easier to locate on inspection and maintenance visits. The metal flap on the outlet prevents moles and other small burrowing animals from getting into the drainage network and causing blockages. The metal valves are long enough to ensure that the pipe is anchored securely in the ground.

Discover the new Uponor adjustable underground chamber

Adjustable drainage chambers are used to control the water levels on fields. During planning, the premise has been absolute water tightness, simplicity, and reliability. The chambers can use either 110 mm or 160 mm pipes.

  • Reliable and water tight
  • Easy to maintain and change
  • Easy to handle
  • Enables flushing