uponor infra district heating and cooling

Energy systems

Energy from the earth and waterways

The use of renewable energy sources is growing slowly, but surely. It is often worth it to consider geothermal solutions early in the design stage, particularly for large properties. Uponor’s geothermal pipes allow you to collect the thermal energy from the earth, bedrock and waters. The system delivery includes heat collection pipes, collecting chambers and other relevant equipment.

In addition to thermal energy extraction and transportation, Uponor has developed various energy applications used for the transportation and storage of raw materials. Other usages are for intake and discharge pipes for cooling water in industrial and utility facilities.

  • Geothermal heat is a safe, secure and environmentally friendly energy source for heating and cooling that can be leveraged with heat pipes and energy piles
  • Installations in waters and bedrock generally use the so-called double pipes where the return bend is pre-welded onto one end of the pair of pipes
  • Insulated pipes are used near the property foundation, or as transfer pipes from the location of thermal energy extraction to the property

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