Uponor-lämmönvaihdin on ympäristö- ja kustannustehokas vaihtoehto uusiutuvan energian tuotantoon.

Heat exchanger

Energy from cold waters

Uponor heat exchangers are an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative for renewable energy production. Examples of good applications are facilities that are planning to use pellets or chips – and of course spas and hotels, as they are often located near bodies of water.

A heat exchanger built on a panel frame is able to utilise the sun's energy at water temperatures as low as +1°C. Because heat exchangers are made of plastic, there is no risk of freezing during the cold winter months. The panel frame protects the exchanger from mechanical and chemical wear and ensures a long service life with easy maintenance and no risk of corrosion. The frame's double-layer construction acts as a natural insulator.

Flexible installation and optimisation

Heat exchangers are modular units, which means that several heat exchangers can be installed in the same system to provide the desired level of heating power. Depending on the temperature of the heat source, one unit is able to generate 0.1–1 MW of heating power. The heat exchanger can be installed above ground or covered with soil. The exchanger is typically about 10 m long, 2.6 m wide and 2.5 m high. A pump drain and a separate flow meter for flow management are installed in connection with the exchanger. Heat transfer profiles can be optimised from DN/OD 40 to 75 mm.

Carefree, customisable solution

The specifics of the heat exchanger can be built according to the customer's wishes. The heat pump can be placed in a building's central equipment room or in a separate heat container. Connecting pipes are delivered with a protective insulation layer appropriate for the ground or air installation in question. Maintenance of the heat exchanger is easy: you only need to wash the transfer surfaces. Preventive maintenance, which includes checks and tests of the heating centre, is done once a year.

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