Ensimmäinen juomavesiputki saastuneelle maaperälle, 100 % muovia

Uponor Barrier PLUS

Uponor Barrier PLUS - the first 100% plastic barrier pipe for contaminated soil

Contaminated soil in urban areas creates potential risks for human health. Standard polyethylene pipes are permeable to some chemicals frequently found in contaminated soil. Uponor’s new Barrier PLUS system offers a solution. For the first time, the aluminium layer has been replaced with a non-permeable polymer, resulting in a durable, fully-recyclable piping system.

Soil contamination comes from a variety of sources: areas around landfills can contain any number of toxic chemicals; service station sites are often contaminated by fuels and oils; industrial areas are polluted by various hydrocarbons etc. Many of the substances found in contaminated soil permeate standard polyethylene potable water pipes, as does the methane commonly found in marshy, but otherwise uncontaminated areas. All can cause water contamination.

Installing piping for potable water safely through contaminated soil is problematic, because standard polyethylene pipes are permeable to many chemicals found at contaminated sites. These harmful substances don’t pass through conventional barrier pipes, but there are other, corrosion-related, challenges. For instance, Trichloroethylene (TCE) degrades conventional barrier pipes over time.

Barrier PLUS is the first 100% plastic Barrier Pipe on the market. It’s a potable water pipe that can be installed in contaminated soil without jeopardising the quality of the water, is resistant to corrosion and degradation from TCE, and can easily be completely recycled. The system will be sold by our organisations in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.