Pipeline renovation


Renovation is a future-proof choice

Although water and sewer systems are unobtrusive, they are a vital part of a functioning infrastructure. As long as the systems work as they should and stay safely hidden under the ground, no one takes notice. It is only when problems occur that one even realises that they exist.

The development and urbanization of society constantly places new requirements on these ”invisible” systems, and these requirements can cause a significant amount of maintenance work. Regular monitoring of the condition of infrastructure networks and their systematic renewal are the foundation of functioning communal technology.

Uponor offers renovation methods for water and sewer lines to enable smooth repair work without breaking the surface structures. When streets and roads do not need to be dug open, traffic can continue flowing normally during renovation. Disruption of customer water and sewer lines are also shortened. Do you want more information or a tailored solution for renovating pipes? Contact Uponor Infra 360 Project Services.

Gravity renovation

Uponor has developed an innovative module relining technique to refurbish old, leaky concrete sewers effortlessly. Excavation is not necessary because renovation can be done from the chamber without digging. The work can be done without impeding traffic, and the sewer can remain available during the entire relining (bypassing is not needed). Building lines are connected to the relined pipe with patented branching equipment without costly excavation.

  • No excavation and bypasses required: minimal harm to the environment
  • Smooth inner and outer surfaces, and a strong wall structure
  • Use class SN 16 and SN 8
  • VTT tested for lack of leakage (SFS 5103)
  • Highly resistant to point stress
         Uponorin kehittämä innovatiivinen VipLiner-pätkäsujutus on vaivaton tapa kunnostaa vanhat, vuotavat betoniviemärit.
Pressure pipe renovation

For renovation of potable water and sewage pipeline. Profuse pressure pipe systems are used for transporting drinking water, waste water, gas and various process materials. Drinking water uses blue Profuse pipes, waste water users brown and gas uses yellow.

In long length relining, the pipeline to be renovated is cut perpendicularly to its longitudinal axis, cleaned of impurities and inspected by photography. It is important to ensure that all connections of the pipe being relined are able to withstand installations made with a pulling cord. Butt welding should always be used for such pipe connections.

Uponor pressure pipe renovation
Culvert renovation

Large concrete sewers as well as concrete and sheet metal drums are renovated with layered Weholite pipes. These pipes are relined with insertions. Connections generally use welding or screw connections, with the choice depending on the size and intended use of the pipe.

Renovation can also be done with large Weholite modules with the locking sleeve technique from VipLiner. In this case, the required working space is extremely small and the factory pre-fabricated pipes are very quick to install. The unique manufacturing process allows the size and stiffness of the Weholite pipes to be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Weholite-pitkäsujutus on yksinkertainen tapa sujuttaa pitkiä linjoja nopeasti.
Chambers renovation

Plastic chamber for the smooth renovation of concrete drains. Renovation chambers typically have a diameter of 400 mm. The delivery height of the chamber is 0.5 m. The chamber height may be extended by welding or with a double socket. Renovation chambers are identifiable by their completely white colour.

The installation includes anchoring concrete to keep the chamber in place, to cut off the possible flow of water in the interspace and to protect components.

  • The material is PEHD
  • Trunk 315–630 mm, telescopic pipe 315 or 500 mm
  • Anchoring concrete
  • Plastic cap or handy telescopic cast iron covers
  • Old chambers do not need to be removed
Chamber renovation - Uponor infrastructure solutions