Uponor stormwater pipes are durable

Stormwater management

Uponor stormwater pipes

Cities are expanding. Paved areas are increasing in number, resulting in the reduction of natural storm water run-off areas. At the same time, some countries in Northern Europe have been experiencing a couple of torrential downpours, normally occurring only once in a hundred years, several times in the last decade. The problem of flooding is affecting our way of life and is extremely costly to today's society. Cities must plan for better management of storm water.

At Uponor Infra, we have been actively working with the challenges of stormwater for many years. Innovative product development has led us to today's modern solutions for storm water management.

Uponor IQ

Uponor IQ storm water pipes are a complete pipe system in sizes 110 to 1200 mm, with a wide range of fittings. All pipes are developed to meet respective requirement levels, and can be specially adapted to those of the project's.

With Uponor IQ, Uponor provides a complete storm water system for use in road and street construction, and in agriculture and forestry for both large and small projects. Easy installations, adaptability, and sustainable qualities are indicative of how the system is based equally on innovation and proven experience.

All Uponor IQ pipes are made with an inline socket, which is the best way to avoid future problems. You reduce the number of joints by 50% and thereby ensure watertightness with a reduced risk of future leakage and root penetration.


Uponor IQ storm water pipes have an internal size of 110-2500 mm, which means that you obtain the flow capacity requested.


We have the market's most complete range of fittings and chambers, and can also produce special solutions on demand.


Thanks to a trumpet-shaped sleeve, the pipes are easy to assemble, saving time and money during installation. An optimised pipe profile means that as a rule you can recharge with existing aggregates, which also means a cost saving.


The inline socketed pipe reduces the number of joints by 50%, which also reduces the risk of root penetration. The grey inner layer meets the standards and facilitates future inspection and filming.


Uponor’s IQ storm water pipe meets all EN-13476 requirements regarding bending, strain, and watertightness up to a size of 800 mm and is certified with the Nordic Poly Mark (the largest sizes are made in accordance with the factory default as there is no possibility for external certification today). The pipe has a ring stiffness of SN8 and can be advantageously installed in areas where there is heavy traffic, such as motorways and railways.

We take responsibility for a sustainable future

Uponor IQ pipes are manufactured using modern technology in combination with PP material that provides an optimum solution that has both a long service life and very high impact resistance. The same material (PP) in both the pipe and socket facilitates future recycling.


Weholite is a unique structural wall pipe available in sizes up to 3.5 metres. With Weholite you can build a complete pipe system for the transport of fluids or air in ground, water, and in the air. Weholite is a product with many areas of application. Uponor Infra is dimensioned and tailored to the customer's requirements and offers suggestions for the best solutions. Our combined knowledge and experience provide the customer security.

The Weholite pipe is made of PE with a smooth interior and exterior, and can be used in all types of gravity systems. Choose from ring stiffness SN2, SN4, and SN8.

Weholite is spliced with the aid of various methods. The choice of method is decided by the installation concerned. Choose from the following methods: Thread, Flex-seal, Rubber ring sleeve, Extruder welding, or Z-joint welding. Contact us for more information.

Welding joints

Welded joints have the same watertightness and strength as the pipe. Extruded welded joints are recommended for Weholite pipes. Splicing can be done with hand extruders or with automated welding equipment. Equipment is available for both external and internal welding of the pipe.

Flanged connection

Flanged connections can be used for the following types of joint:

  • Joints that must retain the ability to be dismantled
  • Joints that have to be made underwater
  • For connections to other types of pipe

Thread coupling

The unique thread coupling on Weholite pipes can be used if a joint with a specific longitudinal tensile strength is required, e.g. for relining. Standard joints are sand-resistant but not watertight. Thread couplings are available in pipe sizes 400-1800 mm.


There are options to join the Weholite pipe to a sleeve with a rubber ring in sizes 400-1000mm.


Another joint method is FlexSeal, which is a stainless steel rubber-sealed metallic sweep that is rapid to implement and provides a watertight joint.