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Sewer waste water treatment

A high-quality and reliable wastewater pipe system increases property value

Property-specific wastewater solutions are used in buildings that are not connected to the municipal sewer network. These include holiday homes and houses in sparsely populated areas. A high-quality, modern and reliable wastewater pipe system is an investment that increases property value and enables well water to be kept clean.

Uponor has decades of experience in manufacturing reliable wastewater treatment systems, and having the most extensive product range on the market guarantees that a suitable wastewater solution can be found for every site. All of our wastewater solutions are tested and approved.

  • The wireless alarm system for the Clean I -biological treatment plant makes it easier to monitor the plant's operation
  • The WehoPuts range of miniature water treatment plants covers single-building models up to village-scale systems
  • Grey water filters are excellent solutions for wastewater from showers, washing machines and saunas
  • Infiltration and sand filters are traditional treatment systems for single-family and holiday homes

Selecting a system

Wastewater treatment systems are selected in accordance with the type of wastewater created on the property and the requirements of the decree, taking into consideration local town planning and environmental regulations. The system must be adapted to the specific property and plot.

Before a wastewater system can be built, a plan must be prepared by a designer specialising in water supply applications. ”Turnkey” services are also available – these include design, installation and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems.