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Biochemical treatment plants

Biochemical treatment plants ensure good waste water treatment for decades

Uponor's biochemical treatment plants are high-quality, efficient, and modern waste water treatment solutions for household waste water. A range of waste water treatment plants covering single-family homes up to village-scale systems are offered. Biological treatment plants consist of septic or buffer tank and process tanks, where the treatment  process takes place. The waste water treatment plant is operating automatically controlled by a PLC.. Treated  water can be discharged  into a open ditch or into the ground for infiltration Uponor biochemical package treatment plants are ready built at the factory and delivered ready for installation and use. They are quick and easy to install, even in a  small space. . They do not require any special soil characteristics for the place of installation, and they are suitable for use on new construction sites as well as in renovation. Uponor's biochemical treatment plants meet the requirements of the European EN 12566-3 product standard and they are CE-marked.

Uponor Infra has three smaller types of approved miniature treatment plants: Clean, Wehomini and WehoPuts. The choice is yours!
1 household

Clean 1
A biochemical treatment plant designed to handle all of the waste water produced by a single family home. The wireless alarm panel makes supervision of the plant convenient and easy. Clear indicator lights on the display panel will show if action, such as emptying or adding flocculation chemicals, should be taken. Suitable for permanent residence or holiday homes in year-round use, has a small footprint and is suitable for  new builds and renovation sites. The maximum flow rate is 1.05 m³ per day.

The small Uponor Clean I biochemical treatment plant requires little space and has a shallow installation depth. The treatment plant can also be located on rocky terrain and on renovation sites, where it may replace an older concrete solution.


  • Wireless alarm with a clear display panel
  • Inconspicuous when installed
  • Emptying required only twice a year
    Holiday automation

WehoPuts 5 and 10 miniature waste water treatment plants are suitable for single-family houses and holiday homes that are used all year round. WehoPuts waste water treatment plants take up little space, and they are suitable for use on new construction sites as well as in renovation, regardless of the soil quality of the installation site.

WehoPuts 5 is designed for all types of domestic waste water produced by one family, with a maximum flow rate of 0.75m³ per day. WehoPuts 10 can also be used jointly by two single-family homes. When this is the case, the maximum flow rate is 1.5m³ per day.

WehoPuts 5 and 10 are equipped with their own ecological sludge collection system. This enables a lifestyle that reduces the need of transport, recycles nutrients and saves the environment. Excess sludge is transferred into the treatment plants  sludgebag, which you can compost in your garden along with other organic waste. You can also choose to empty the sludge  using a sewage truck in the traditional way, and switch between methods according to your needs.


  • Lightweight, robust structure
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Ecological sludge collection system
  • Complete package ready for installation and use
2-6 households

Uponor Clean models
Clean is a biochemical treatment plant, which can treat the household waste water from up to 6 properties. It functions based on a sequenced batch cleaning technique, activated sludge process and chemical precipitation of phosphorus. The waste water is treated in batches of the same size, thus cleaning all sewage at equally efficient rates. The biochemical treatment process is carried out by microorganisms that live in the activated sludge. With the help of flocculants, phosphorus in the waste water is captured. When the treatment  process is complete, the treated  water is pumped to the discharge point. The Clean mini treatment plant works both in continuous operation and on summer cottages thanks to the automated system.

WehoPuts mini treatment plant – a good choice for the environment
WehoPuts is intended for sewage and waste water treatment of up to 6 households. The mini treatment plant is easy to transport and install due to its compact size. The delivery includes a complete anchorage package, which facilitates a quick assembly.
The WehoPuts mini treatment plant for two households is equipped with a unique sludge collection system, which means that you do not have to take care of emptying the sludge tank. The extra sludge is collected in a compostable sludge bag. This is one way operating costs are lowered and unnecessary transports are avoided.

More than 6 households

The WehoPuts waste water treatment range covers single-family house models to multi-family systems. In addition to residential applications, small-scale waste water treatment plants can be connected with properties such as commercial buildings, village schools, and holiday homes. The number used in conjunction with the WehoPuts product name expresses the dimensions of the treatment plant based on the equivalent number of residents (150 litres per person per day).

WehoPuts waste water treatment plants are built at the factory and delivered ready for installation and use. They are quick and easy to install, even in small spaces. The treatment plants do not require any special soil characteristics of the place of installation, and they are suitable for use on new construction sites as well as in renovation.


  • A shared waste water treatment plant provides convenience and cost savings
  • Ready for installation and use – does not require external structures
  • Remote monitoring using mobile devices enables the treatment facility to be monitored and operated remotely
  • The large buffer volume balances out fluctuations in loads