Uponor-umpisäiliö on vain 1,5 metrin korkuinen, jolloin sen asentaminen tontille on helppoa.

Holding tanks for wastewater

Sewage safely stored in a holding tank

A voidable holding tank can be used to collect sewage in infiltration systems with double sewerage. The holding tank is required to be hermetically sealed and have a very strong structure, as the tank must be able to withstand fluctuating and demanding soil conditions.

At only 1.5 metres tall, the Uponor holding tank has a strong structure and is extremely easy to install. If necessary, two 5.3-cubic-metre tanks can be combined using a connection package to provide a 10-cubic-metre holding tank. In coastal and groundwater areas, the municipality may require holding tanks to be used if holiday homes have water-based toilets. Holding tanks are not required if chemical toilets are used.

Holding tank 3 m³
>p>The 3 m³ holding tank is a compact solution designed for processing sewage from holiday homes. Its shape and size make it easy to transport on a standard trailer. It is recommended that holding tanks are always anchored to the ground.

Two Uponor anchoring systems are required for the smaller holding tank. The tank can also be equipped with a wireless alarm that makes it easier to estimate when the tank will need to be emptied. The maximum installation depth is 1 metre, measured from the top of the tank to the surface of the soil.

Holding tank 5.3 m³

The 5.3 m³ Uponor holding tank, suitable for use with sewage or wastewater, is only 1.5 metres tall, so it is easy to install. The locations of the anchoring straps are pre-marked, facilitating installation and reducing the number of anchoring errors. Three Uponor anchoring systems are required to anchor one tank. The maximum installation depth, measured from the top of the tank to the surface of the soil, is 0.75 metres. The maximum height of the groundwater from the base of the tank is 0.5 metres.

The holding tank is sealed and has a strong structure, and it comes with a 200 mm voiding pipe as standard. If additional tank volume is required, two tanks can be combined to form a 10-m³ tank. A capacity alarm must be used with the holding tank to enable the water level in the tank to be inspected. When the water level reaches the conductive probe, an indicator light illuminates and an alarm sound is activated.