Maapuhdistamoilla tarkoitetaan jätevesijärjestelmiä, joissa jätevedet puhdistetaan maaperässä.

Soil treatment/­septic tank

An efficient and simple solution for large sites

Infiltration fields are simple and natural ways of handling domestic wastewater wherever it is created. All that is required is space for a purification field and a professional design to implement it. Infiltration plants are wastewater treatment systems in which wastewater is purified in the soil. Infiltration package include a septic tank and a purification field. The purification field can be a infiltration plant or sand filter plant, depending on the type of soil on the site.

Infiltration is an excellent solution when

  • an efficient and simple solution is required for treating the domestic wastewater created by a single family
  • the plot is large and is not located near a body of water or in a groundwater area

Infiltration solutions are divided into two groups according to wastewater type. Infiltration plants intended for grey water can only process domestic wastewater from showers, washing up and personal washing. Infiltration plant intended for all types of water can accept all domestic wastewater – grey water and sewage.