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Prefabricated solutions

Uponor Comfort Port

Uponor heat transfer stations for all kinds of applications

Uponor offers indirect transfer stations for heating supply with storage connection on the secondary side which require low maintenance. No maintenance costs appear and also cleaning of the exhaust system or the boiler is not needed. In addtion, there are no costs for repair and possible new acquisition of a boiler.

uponor heat transfer stations

Advantages Uponor Comfort Port

  • No heating boiler: Dispensing heat demand via heat exchanger
  • Power 20 KW or 30 KW (at 20°K)
  • No storage of fuels
  • No exhaust emissions – no chimney needed

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Uponor sales folder Comfort Port

Preassembled manifold cabinets for time- and cost-efficient installation

Advantages of prefabricated solutions

  • Saving installation costs and time
  • Avoid installation errors on site
  • Optimum material flow and services
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