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Minitec connection box

Ideally suited to use in renovations

Connection box 220 x 300 was specially developed for the Uponor Minitec radiant heating system for walls/ceilings Minitec. The integrated distributor allows up to three heating circuits of Quick & Easy equal length to be connected in a confined space using connection technology. Using the prefabricated Uponor TA 230 thermal actuator and in conjunction with the optional Uponor RF 230 sensor, the heat output from the Minitec heating circuits can be controlled according to room temperature and comfort. The Minitec connection box is ideal for renovations.


uponor minitec connection box


  • Prefabricated unit
  • UP box with fixing material and flush mounting cover
  • Manual ventilation in both flow and return directions
  • Primary connection for G 3/4- Eurokonus
  • Valve pre-setting option
  • Lockable flow and return directions