uponor klett
Underfloor heating and cooling

Klett wet installation

Infinite possibilities for new-build and renovation projects

Klett is an easy-to-install, leak-resistant radiant floor heating and cooling system designed by Uponor. It is fast and easy to lay, without the need for additional accessories such as clips, binaries or clamps. A self-attaching strap fastener wrapped around the Uponor Klett pipes makes it quick and easy to secure the pipe to the smooth insulation board.

Both the system and the components are tested and certified by the best authorities in accordance with industry standards, thus guaranteeing the functionality and reliability which characterise all Uponor systems. Uponor Klett comes in a wide range, making it a particularly versatile product – with the result that it is not only a highly innovative system, but also an extremely effective one offering real benefits.

Advantages Uponor Klett

uponor klett macro

Teethed: Maximum adhesion due to micro-interlocking

  • Pipes can be repositioned at any time during installation
  • Long-term and tried-and-tested quality
  • Laminated barrier layer is not damaged during pipe laying


Perfectly suitable for use in on-site insulation construction

Uponor Klett Twinboard

  • Foldable, multi-wall sheet with thickness of only 3 mm
  • Additional insulation layers and materials can be selected accordingly
  • One-man installation that reduces installation costs
uponor klett twinboard

Improved step sound and mineral fibre insulation

uponor klett silent

Uponor Klett Silent

  • Klett Silent with an integrated and improved, non-flammable step sound insulation
  • Meets the requirements of DIN 4109
  • Provides a sustainable and comfortable living environment



Achieve more with less

Uponor Klett WLG 032

  • Excellent steadfastness and step resistance
  • Higher insulation performance than conventional EPS
  • 20 % lower floor height due to a graphite additive
Klett wet installation

Tried-and-tested quality

Klett wet installation

The original Uponor Klett

  • Basis of the various improvements of Uponor Klett systems
  • First self-attaching system - developed by Uponor
uponor klett

Build on Uponor with the Klett DNA

Information on the ingeniously refined Klett programme

  • Ongoing developments of Uponor Klett
  • Klett Silent - for sustainable living
  • Klett Twinboard - for on-site insulation construction
  • For renovation and new-build projects
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