Full electronic heat interface unit Combi Port E

As our first full electronic heat interface unit, the Combi Port E with an intelligent control automatically adapts to all requirements. Designed as a complete solution, it takes convenience, hygiene and energy efficiency to a new level. Combi Port E revolutionises complete systems for prefabricated building projects. With adaptive heating, it ensures maximum convenience, minimises energy consumption with the Eco mode and prevents the drinking water from becoming contaminated due to its hygienic design.

Application areas

plumbing installation Up to 16 bar operating pressure

heating water icon Underfloor heating

Comprehensive portfolio

Combi Port E is available in 2 output sizes of 20 l/min and 25 l/min (PWH 50°C and flow temp. 65°C) both with copper-soldered heat exchangers or as VacInox version.

Uponor Combi Port E is the new standard for heat interface units!

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Augmented Reality combi port e

Combi Port E convinces when it comes to heating and hot water

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  • Detection of daily individual processes
  • Adaptive hot water control
  • Fast response times
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  • Real-time response to current heating requirements
  • Precise control of flow and return temperature
  • Energy savings and increased convenience
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  • Unique design with a separation of sanitary and heating pipes
  • Reduction of heat transfer by means of integrated insulation
  • Complete separation of the heat exchanger
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  • Energy and cost savings thanks to Eco mode function
  • Self-learning algorithm for Eco mode and energy flow switch off

Full electronic heat interface unit Combi Port E in detail


  1. Valve
  2. Adapters for water meter
  3. Cold water dirt collector
  4. Cold water home outlet
  5. Servo motor
  6. Bypass valve
  7. Injection for underfloor heating
  8. Heat meter adapter
  9. Primary dirt collector
  10. Draining
  11. Second unmixed heating circuit
  12. EPP housing
Combi Port E with numbered parts

Simple operation and visualisation with the Combi Port E app

Combi Port E App Screens

Advantages of the app

  • Well-laid out and large display
  • Live display of all values (volume flow, temperature)
  • App works offline
  • Interface to the Combi Port E controller
  • Commissioning assistant and protocol can be sent by email
  • Settings of a Combi Port E can be copied to other devices

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