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DH Pipe production lines

DH Pipe production lines

The threat of global warming has been recognised in several countries. The price of energy is rising, and energy is needed to cover the peaks in consumption. Under difficult circumstances, during the harsh sub-zero temperatures, heavily loaded pipes may even burst. Installing Uponor district heating pipes minimizes heat loss along the pipeline

Production technology for PU insulated pipes
Uponor Infra Technology is the only company on the market that can deliver a complete production line for district heating pipe manufacturing. Uponor Infra has been delivering DH-pipe production lines all over the world since 1986; to Russia alone we have supplied eight factory lines.

The standard range of the carrier pipe is up to 1000 mm, but bigger sizes are available upon request. The extruder line for PE jacket pipes can also be used for manufacturing water, sewage and gas pipes.

The standard production line includes an extruder line for jacket pipes, foaming lines for straight pipes, and fittings and welding equipment for jacket pipes. A cooling water system for the extruder, and quality control equipment are also included in the delivery, as well as project planning, a layout with the customer's requirements, and supervision of installation and start-up.

The customer's personnel are trained in the production process at an Uponor Infra plant in Vaasa, Finland.

Production technology for PU insulated pipes

Continuous Steel Pipe Insulation Process
Uponor Infra delivers continuous high capacity foaming production lines for rigid DH-pipes. The range of manufactured jacket pipes in a nominal factory is OD 110 - 500 mm. The line includes an automatic pipe feed-in and separation system, laminator, foaming machine with a double mixing head, and a cross head extrusion for jacket pipes.

Quality control equipment

  • Testing of melt-flow rate
  • Measuring of wall thickness during production
  • Tensile testing
  • Pressure testing of pipes
  • Testing of density
  • Testing of shrinkage
  • Testing of ring stiffness
  • Thermal stability
  • Tightness testing
  • Impact testing
  • Measuring tools
Quality control equipment