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Field joint coating of steel pipes

Field joint coating of steel pipes

Nowadays, the ever-expanding oil and gas pipeline network around the world is built mainly using plastic-coated steel pipes. This is because the plastic coating gives not only a great life expectancy, but also superior mechanical and corrosive resistance to the pipe.

Uponor Infra and Borealis have developed a new–patent applied–system for coating of field joints. The system is based on the newly developed Borealis Borcoat™ material and the Wehocoat machine developed by Uponor Infra Technology.

The Wehocoat Machine is a device specifically developed for extruding a molten PE-based polymer film onto a steel pipe field joint area for joint protection. This field joint coating method can achieve a joint at site conditions which can fulfill the minimum demands as stated in the ISO - FDIS 21809-1 for a factory coated steel pipe and is defined according to ISO 21809-3 section 5E.

Models are either for on-shore or off-shore applications.