Uponor Water Monitoring Service is a service concept which monitors municipalities potable water distribution network.

If you can detect it, you can control it!

Uponor Water Monitoring Services

Uponor Water Monitoring Services

Uponor Water Monitoring Services is a service concept for municipalities' potable water distribution network monitoring. The system uses sensor information and offers a 24/7/365 control over the water distribution.

The system keeps track on water flow, direction of flow and water quality. Any deviations indicating leakages or deteriorated water quality is reported as an alarm event to the network owner.

Uponor water monitoring services give the water network owner the ability to monitor the network in real time.

Limited visibility creates challenges

Municipal water network is an extensive system and water utilities have a limited visibility into their network. This presents many challenges. For example, silent leaks are not detected on time and in case of an incident, identification of source and spread is difficult. Also the laboratory testing is time-consuming and expensive.

With Uponor's solution the water network can be monitored in real-time. This enables the network owner to take immediate actions if an anomality is detected.

Uponor flow monitoring & leakage detection 

Uponor flow monitoring & leakage detection services enable network owners to reduce water losses and increase knowledge about flow levels and flow direction. With real time information about the network for example silent leaks can be detected before pipe bursts happen.
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Uponor water quality monitoring

Uponor's real time monitoring service enables network owners to understand water quality variations in the full network, get insights into correlations between events and water quality, detect anomalities as they happen and access historical records for event investigations.
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Welcome to Upocity – where real time water monitoring brings leakages and water quality incidents under control

Upocity, a municipality of 60,000 inhabitants, used to have significant challenges with non-revenue water. Non-revenue water accounted for 27% of the total water production per annum. 18% of the total water production was lost due to leakages that cost Upocity 648,000€ every year. Every month there were several sudden pipe bursts, resulting in significant unplanned maintenance and repair costs - not to mention the disruption in water supply.

However, managing non-revenue water, and especially leakages, was not the only challenge for Upocity. The water engineers were uncertain about the quality of their water. Laboratory tests were conducted, but deemed time-consuming and expensive without providing real-time understanding of water quality. Over 50% of water quality incidents in Upocity were a result of water distribution related incidents. Being able to ensure the safety of end-users was a priority to Upocity water engineers, but they felt the current approach could be improved.

Thanks to Uponor real-time Water Monitoring Services, today Upocity is able to manage a distribution network, in which leaks and water quality is under control. If you want to find out how, subscribe here to read part 2 of the Upocity story.

This is a three-part series about Upocity (an existing city, that has been given a pseudonym for the purposes of this article) and the challenges they are facing. Subscribe to receive the other parts by email, along with the possible solution and results they could achieve.

Upocity water consumption example

Complete service tailored to your needs

The Uponor Infra Water Monitoring Services is comprehensive with network monitoring design, installation, setup and operational services included. We will work together with you to create a solution and a plan how to digitize your distribution network based on the specific needs and requirements of your business.

After the Network Monitoring Design is finalized and agreed upon, we will install and set-up the system on your site to ensure proper functionality from the start. With the combined knowledge from our specialists and your in-house expertise we will define the alert triggers. You will know instantly when anomalities take place in your network.

Training and support provided in every step

Our experts will train your staff in using the Water Monitoring System (UI) so that you can easily navigate through the measured data. During the service subscription we provide real-time monitoring of your distribution network, SMS / email alerts in case of an incident, monthly water network and water quality analytics reports, system maintenance and repair including hardware and software updates.
  • Cloud-based 24/7 monitoring
  • SMS / Email alerts
  • Monthly water network and water quality analytics reports
  • Customer support
  • System maintenance and repair including hardware and software updates
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