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The operating issues and breakdowns underneath the constructed and operational facility would be the biggest nightmare and cause huge losses for the investors, future users and clients. For this reason it is worth using safe and reliable Uponor Infra systems to provide the underground infrastructure, whose durability is demonstrated for example by the admission for use in the unstable and very demanding mining damage environment and by 60 years of experience in the production of these systems.

Once the buildings are constructed, it is necessary to protect them against fire. The construction of outdoor fire water reservoirs does not always go well with the architectural vision and often the only place for them is under a car park. Uponor Infra offers a solution adapted to these needs – underground fire water tanks with dimensions, shape and resistance adjusted to the individual conditions of the place of their installation.

The roof of a constructed centre is the area with enormous capability of collecting rain fall. Introduction of rain water into the existing sewage system in the volume as during a storm is usually impossible and that’s when Uponor Infra retention system comes in. The system of pipes, chambers and manholes, traps, separators and tanks allows to store rain water, treat it preliminarily and discharge in a controlled manner. This system is dedicated for underground installation and guarantees full adaptation to the available place of its installation.

The technical advisors of Uponor Infra can provide you with more detailed information and will help select the optimum solution tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us.

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