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Road, rail and aviation

Restricted passage due to dug up roads is a frequent picture of our reality. We patiently put up with these difficulties, hoping that once the works are finished, there will be no need to perform them again for a long time. This is, however, only possible if durable and high quality materials are used, resistant to difficult soil conditions and the varying loads generated by vehicle traffic. Uponor Infra solutions include drainage and rain water sewage systems, flexibly interacting with the soil, road culverts, tanks, separators, chambers, and manholes. The complete resistance to corrosion, high strength, and adaptability of system elements to a situation at the building site frequently differing from the planned conditions, are just a few features appreciated by investors and contractors that are demonstrated by Uponor Infra systems installed below roads, railways, and runways.

The reloading terminals, airports, and harbours are very demanding as environments, where the underground water supply and sewage networks need to meet very strict resistance criteria. Uponor Infra successfully delivers for these most demanding applications, with the water supply and sewage systems, drainage, and tanks having a ring stiffness that has been increased as high as 16kN/m2 (SN16).

The technical advisors of Uponor Infra can provide you with more detailed information and will help select the optimum solution tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us.