Uponor Infrastructure solutions

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Specialist in underground infrastructure

People who are specialists work for Uponor Infra. Together, our cutting-edge competence gives results for society as a whole; for people’s daily lives and where they live, for animals, nature and agriculture, for cities and industry as well as ecosystems and sensitive environments.

As a leading and professional player in the industry, we do not only use our knowledge and expertise to develop new products, we also ensure that we share it. That’s why we offer training through the Uponor Academy. We can also offer turnkey solutions through Uponor Infra Project Services and sales of technology and equipment through Uponor Infra Tech.

Uponor Academy
Uponor Infra Academy is for those who like to learn more about our areas of knowledge. Our training focuses on systems for infrastructure, as well as associated industry standards and regulations. We address ourselves to installers, consultants, wholesalers, retailers, schools, housebuilders and others in the industry.

Uponor Infra Project Services
Project Services executes customized projects all around the world. We provide you with a whole package of service and support including dimensioning, design, drawings, welding services, installation and project management. Our long experience within demanding pipe projects have resulted in deep knowledge and understanding. With Uponor as your partner you will get high quality expertise through the entire project.

Uponor Infra Tech
With more than 60 years’ experience within the Plastic Pipes Industry, we know what is required. We offer this expertise to other manufacturers by means of sale of machines, technology, installation and service. A unique opportunity for those who see the potential of the plastics industry.