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Uponor offers wide range of solutions for infrastructure

High quality solutions with long lifetime

Infrastructure is the underlying framework that supports our economy, therefore operating as the backbone to our cities and homes. Uponor offers a wide range of products for infrastructure, each providing an innovative solution to your various piping needs. These include products for stormwater handling, potable water distribution, heating and cooling, underground ventilation, and wastewater transportation and handling.
Uponor Infra 360 solutions

A holistic approach

With Uponor Infra 360TM approach, we will find the perfect solution for your project. Do you want to hear more how our customers’ have spent even 15 % - 30 % less by finding the right, optimized solution? 

Stormwater systems

As the volume of rainwater grows, and the spring floods and heavy rains intensify, the importance of storm water management increases in urban design. Systems consisting pipes, connections, and chambers enable rainwater and meltwater to be directed into the sewer network in a safe and managed way. Uponor’s storm water cassettes, tunnels, and tanks offer a modern solution for absorbing and storing rainwater and meltwater directly at their place of origin.
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Potable water

Uponor’s range of high-quality pressurised pipes takes into account many of the challenges faced in potable water distribution. This is apparent, for example, in the Profuse PE100 RC water supply pipes, which have a protective layer of PP plastic that shields the pipe from dents and scratches whilst insulating it from oxygen. Other innovative solutions include the Uponor Barrier PLUS, the first 100% plastic barrier pipe developed to prevent the potential health risks of contaminated soil in urban areas. In addition to pipes, we offer wide range of fittings, tanks, and welding machines.
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Waste water systems

A high-quality, modern, and reliable wastewater system is an important investment that can increase property value. Uponor has decades of experience in manufacturing reliable wastewater treatment systems, and thanks to having the most extensive product range on the market, we can guarantee that a suitable solution can be found for every site. This range includes a variety of products: pump chambers, which are used when the individual drain cannot be built by itself; grey water filters, an excellent solution for wastewater from showers, washing machines, and saunas; infiltration plants, which are a simple and natural way to handle domestic wastewater; holding tanks - used to collect sewage in infiltration systems; biological treatment plants for the purification of water; as well as sauna and cottage chambers.
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Water and sewer systems are an unobtrusive - yet vital - part of our infrastructure. Usually they stay safe and hidden underground, meaning that it is only when a problem occurs, that people take notice. Regular monitoring of the condition of infrastructure networks, as well as their systematic renewal, are the foundation of functional communal technology. Uponor offers multiple renovation methods for water and sewer lines to enable smooth repair work without disrupting traffic flow. Click here to find out more about gravity, pressure pipe, culvert, and chamber renovations.
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