Представництво Uponor в Україні
просп. Миру, б.15, оф.405
м. Київ, Україна
Журнал референс об'єктів Uponor

Журнал референс об'єктів Uponor

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Brusaporto apartments

Two apartment buildings in Brusaporto, Italy, offer a high level of living comfort after renovation – also thanks to the Uponor Minitec underfloor heating system. With its low installation height, it is ideally suited for retrofitting.

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PankeBogen residential development in Bernau

A convincing holistic design concept ensures efficient, hygienically safe drinking water supply at the new PankeBogen housing development in Bernau

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Refurbishment of a prefabricated building

During the renovation of a prefabricated building in Zwickau, Robinienweg, a low installation height stood in contrast to the desire for more energy efficiency and comfort through underfloor heating. The solution: a slimline combination of Minitec underfloor heating from Uponor and N 440 leveling screed from Knauf.

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Modernization with Knauf and Uponor

Renovation with Knauf flowing screed FE Eco in an old apartment

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Building area Dörnerbusch

Sustainable concept for heating and drinking water installation

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Allensbach, Dübelhölzle

One of the greenest residential neighbourhoods in Europe

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Decibel soil and waste system were installed in the new appartments in former prison Kakola.

Former Kakola Prison in Turku is becoming an appartment building were one of the most important comfort factors has been carefully designed soundproofing | Decibel soil and waste system ensures that the appartment's drainage is also quite and long lasting.

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Wooden living

Ecological living and a feel-good climate in rental housing