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Depenbrock office building with Thermatop M system ,

Uponor Thermatop M energy-efficient ceiling panel system

Installation of the Uponor Thermatop system in one of Depenbrock Polska's buildings in Komorniki. 
Depenbrock Poland is a prominent construction company that provides comprehensive general contracting services with a focus on sustainable construction practices. In 2007, Depenbrock successfully finished the construction of a three-story office building utilizing Uponor's thermally activated ceiling system. In 2022, Depenbrock once again collaborated with Uponor and installed Thermatop M ceiling panels in the second office building.

Komorniki, Poland
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A smart solution from Uponor

The large-scale office building has been equipped with Uponor Thermatop M heating and cooling system to meet the expectations of prospective users while ensuring cost-effective utilization. The system offers an economical solution, primarily due to its low investment and operating costs, resulting in savings during the construction face and then during utilization of the building.

The highest quality of cooperation with Uponor

Having had a positive experience with Uponor solutions, we have opted for a heating and cooling system based on Uponor Thermatop M ceiling panels for a newly constructed office building. With over 2,000 square meters of floor footage, it was crucial for us to use a modern and efficient solution, says Martyna Pawłowicz, the construction manager at Depenbrock Polska.

In the newly constructed building, the Uponor Thermatop M ceiling heating and cooling system serves as the primary source of temperature control, boasting high efficiency. To complement the Uponor Thermatop M system, dedicated g/k panels manufactured by Regips were installed as the ceiling finish, creating a comprehensive solution.

The Uponor Thermatop M is a water-based ceiling heating and cooling system that has been used in the current project due to its ability to meet specific architectural requirements. The installation process is quick and easy as the mounting rails can be snapped into the CD profiles of the ceiling substructure without any tools. The prefabricated modules are lightweight and can be adjusted to fit the project's needs. The Uponor Thermatop M system can also be easily integrated with lighting, vents, fire alarm, sprinkler, or speaker systems. Additionally, the system provides high sound absorption, which is important from the user's perspective, says Marek Lowinski, construction engineer, Euroklimat.

System Uponor Thermatop M w budynku biurowym Depenbrock Polska

Depenbrock_budynek z wewnątrz
Depenbrock Polska's current office building utilizes the Uponor Contec system, which benefits with the thermal mass of concrete partitions to regulate the temperature of indoors. The building's floor structure contains pipes that transport heating and cooling water, allowing the system to thermally activate the entire building structure and maintain a comfortable room temperature. The Uponor Contec system efficiently fulfills the functions of conventional heating and cooling systems, says Tomasz Małecki, technical advisor at Uponor.
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