Dec. 11, 2023

Radiant Rollout™ Mat Installation at Cleveland Clinic

by Alex Gross

Cleveland Clinic and Case Western University Health Education Campus (HEC) constructed a 485,000-sqaure-foot facility built on 11 acres (about half the area of Chicago's Millennium Park), in Cleveland, Ohio.  

Building owners chose a Uponor radiant heating and cooling system. Uponor’s products ensured the ultimate experience for visitors, always keeping occupants warm and comfortable, despite doors frequently opening and closing during the winter.  

Engineers specified Radiant Rollout™ Mats to expedite the main-level installation and improve efficiency. 86 mats and 55,680 linear feet of tubing were installed in just 8 days, supporting first-cost goals.  

The Radiant Rollout Mats were installed eight times faster than traditional installation methods. Quick installation offered less impact on pour schedules and utilized 80% fewer manifold ports due to small piping networks. 40% fewer wire ties or staples minimized strain on the installer’s bodies. 

Uponor’s Radiant Rollout Mats keep job sites safer and ensure these important projects stay on budget, while offering superior heat and comfort to occupants after project completion.

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