Jan. 1, 2024

Uponor PEX-a and Risers Testing at Fleming College in Ontario, Canada

by Alex Gross

Fleming College's School of Trades and Technology boasts a unique and impressive learning facility at the Sutherland Campus within the Trades and Technology Center. This four-story facility provides instructors, technologists, and faculty members with an exceptional environment to teach real-world applications. 

Uponor is collaborating with the School of Trades and Technology to conduct a new riser study, aiming to gather data and test the expansion and contraction of vertical piping systems. This study will enhance the industry's understanding of vertical piping systems, expansion, and contraction, particularly in comparison to traditional materials like copper. 

The riser study will enable the testing of multistory vertical piping systems in a real-world setting. Fleming College's state-of-the-art facility, The Cube, will serve as the testing ground. The Cube is an indoor training facility that simulates a multistory commercial building with applications across all trade programs. 

The riser project, along with ongoing support from Uponor, holds immense significance for Fleming College, both for its faculty and students. It provides faculty members with the opportunity to meet learning outcomes related to two major programs: mechanical techniques and the 306A apprenticeship. The 306A plumbing certification equips students to install, repair, and maintain pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution, drainage, and waste disposal in new or existing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It allows students to apply and witness real-world sustainable and alternative plumbing applications without leaving Fleming College's facilities. 

Uponor has a long-standing reputation for innovation and testing in both the plumbing and mechanical industries. Vertical piping systems are an integral component of every multifamily, commercial, or high-rise building. They play a crucial role in supplying domestic water to sinks and toilets, as well as hydronic water for heating or cooling various applications. 

Uponor's PEX-a piping systems utilize PEX-a pipe, engineered polymer (EP) fittings, and a ProPEX® F1960 style of connection. This all-polymer sustainable piping solution is designed for use in commercial, high-rise, and residential applications. 

Fleming College recognizes the importance of partnering with industry leaders like Uponor. Collaborations such as this provide students with invaluable opportunities to work with diverse plumbing products and systems, gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge solutions. Working alongside key trade schools like Fleming College enables Uponor to further its knowledge and understanding of sustainable, high-performance piping systems that serve as alternatives to traditional metal piping systems. This industry support is critical to the education of Fleming College's students, preparing them for rewarding careers in the trades. 

Fleming College's competitive programs attract a large pool of prospective students, largely due to the hands-on activities incorporated into their labs, which supplement classroom learning and enhance industry readiness. Past students have expressed their gratitude to their professors and Uponor for providing real-world opportunities during their education, allowing them to transition confidently into the plumbing industry upon graduation. 

Uponor is committed to partnering with the future generation of plumbers, ensuring that the plumbing industry continues to thrive with talented professionals who deliver quality solutions.