Oct 27, 2023

Uponor Xpress Trak™ Installation in Rosemount, Minn. 

by Alex Gross

Homeowner Chris Olson had already installed a different Uponor radiant heating system on the main floor of their home, resulting in significantly warmer and more comfortable heating throughout the house. When it was time to address a new heating challenge in his home, he trusted Uponor to do the job right a second time.

In the basement, where an existing baseboard heating system was nonfunctional due to a leak under the cement floor, Uponor Xpress Trak™ provided a straightforward solution. By laying Xpress Trak over the cement floor, they achieved an effective and efficient heating solution. "It's a simple solution to a challenging problem," Olson noted.

Uponor's newest radiant heating system, Xpress Trak, designed for residential new construction and remodels, offered an efficient and cost-effective solution for radiant floor heating, precisely what the Olson family was seeking.

Uponor Customer Trainer Dan Hubbard emphasized the lightweight nature of Xpress Trak, making it a time and energy-saving choice for the entire project. "We used about six boxes, and it took five minutes to bring those boxes downstairs," Dan said. "If it were a traditional radiant retrofit installation, it would have taken me one to two hours to move all that product."

Dan highlighted that Xpress Trak performs exceptionally well on concrete floors due to its insulation properties, creating a thermal break between the concrete and the room. Its aluminum top layer allows for quick and responsive heating when needed, enhancing energy efficiency.

A single box of Xpress Trak can cover 109 square feet, significantly reducing the logistics of transporting heavy materials compared to alternative solutions.

—Tim Botten, Uponor Portfolio Manager

Uponor Portfolio Manager Tim Botten mentioned that Xpress Trak's innovative design is the result of years of collaboration with suppliers to disrupt the industry with a more efficient solution.

One standout feature of Xpress Trak, according to Tim, is its lightweight design, which simplifies installation. The ease of installation, lack of dust infiltration, and the ability to cut it with a utility knife further enhance its appeal.

Tim also pointed out that a single box of Xpress Trak can cover 109 square feet, significantly reducing the logistics of transporting heavy materials compared to alternative solutions.

"This product is perfect for our plumbing contractors and HVAC contractors in retrofits," Tim said. "It will give them the opportunity to utilize this product on walls as well as other alternative products."

Uponor Xpress Trak has revolutionized the radiant heating industry. Its lightweight and efficient design, along with its easy installation, have made it a preferred choice for homeowners and installers alike. The Olson home installation showcases the product's effectiveness in providing a comfortable and energy-efficient heating solution, especially in retrofit applications, where traditional solutions can be cumbersome and costly. As Uponor continues to innovate, Xpress Trak represents a compelling option for plumbing and HVAC contractors seeking alternative radiant heating solutions in both residential new construction and remodels.