ProPEX engineered polymer (EP) water meter fittings

Targeted for commercial multifamily sub-metering as well as residential whole-home metering, Uponor's ProPEX water service offering is designed for direct connection to water meters sized 58" to 1".ProPEX EP water meter fittings provide a straight or 90-degree connection to water meters for 34" and 1" Uponor AquaPEX tubing. They are sold as a kit containing the fitting along with a gasket and two swivel nuts (EP nuts for plastic meters and metal nuts for metal meters).
ProPEX engineered polymer (EP) water meter fittings

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Uponor proPEX water service fitting assembly instructions

Assembly instruction sheet for Uponor ProPEX water service fittings. Follow the three-step process for assembling ProPEX water service fittings.