Fast Trak

Fast Trak™ is the ideal overpour installation method for remodel and retrofit applications. The preformed knobbed mats make it easy to install Uponor PEX tubing for radiant floor heating applications. Fast Trak 0.5 is only 12" thick, eliminating the need to alter baseboards, moldings or doors. The product is made for 5/16" Wirsbo hePEX pipe and features an adhesive backing for easy installation to a slab or subfloor. Fast Trak 1.3i is slightly over 114" in height. Fast Trak 1.3i uses 38" or 12" Wirsbo hePEX pipe and includes insulation already in the mat, eliminating the added time and cost of installing insulation under the tubing. Fast Trak edge strips are required to prevent overpour from seeping under the panels and to protect the surrounding substructure from moisture damage and expansion forces.
Fast Trak

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Fast Trak installation guide

Installation guide for Uponor Fast Trak. Follow the detailed guide for instructions on Fast Trak's ideal overpour installation method of PEX tubing for radiant floor heating systems.

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Guide d’installation de Fast Trak

Fast Trak installation guide (French) | Guide d’installation d’Uponor Fast Trak. Suivez le guide détaillé pour obtenir des instructions sur la méthode d’installation idéale par débordement de Fast Trak de tubes PEX pour les systèmes de chauffage par plancher radiant.