Uponor helioPEX X2

Manufactured using an Uponor-proprietary technology, Uponor helioPEX™ X2 is an oxygen-barrier PEX pipe that conforms to DIN 4726 and is designed as a competitive alternative for residential radiant heating applications. The pipe features exceptional workability, flexibility, and kink repairability and is backed by a 25-year limited warranty. Uponor helioPEX X2 is rated and listed by the Hydrostatic Stress Board of PPI at 93.3°C (200°F) at 80 psi, 82.2°C (180°F) at 100 psi, and 23°C (73.4°F) at 160 psi. The product offering is available in ½", ⅝", or ¾" coils and is compatible with ProPEX® ASTM F1960 expansion, ASTM F2080 compression, and ASTM F1807 crimp fittings.

Note: Uponor helioPEX X2 is not approved for potable-water applications.

Uponor helioPEX X2

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