Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital,

Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital

University hospital A block new built, phase 1.
By size and multi functionality a new block of Stradiņš hospital can compete with best samples in Europe. A decision on necessity of a new building for Stradiņš hospital is based on diagnostics actualization that became a base of successful treatment process in the world.    Technical project – plans, sections, specifications in the amount of 84 volumes for area of 30 000 m2. However, it is the first part of the idea. The second phase includes a facility with an area of 34 000 m2, the third – a spacious parking lot. In total, a new facility is evaluated as a great technical innovation because there has not been build a modern hospital on this scale with a diagnostics centre of such considerable capacity ever in Latvia. 

Riga, Latvia
Pilsoņu iela 13, Riga, Latvia, LV1002
Project Type
New building

Short description

The building has a complicated, labyrinthine functional layout, separating several areas. Each part requires the sovereign vertical communication and engineering and technical services because the sections must not intersect. The building is maintained by more than 14 elevators. Multi functionality eliminated usage of type solutions, starting from different climatic conditions that should be ensured in every room.  The specter of material used in the object is extremely narrow and specific due to high requirements. There were used the unique certified product groups in Europe – flooring, windows, doors and others. The heating in the public sections of the building is mainly ensured by underfloor heating systems, in its turn, in the inpatient wards – the radiators. The heating pipes of diameter 25mm are installed in the structure of access road to the building for snow melting, the system operates taking into account the weather conditions to avoid an excessive use of energy. Sustainable Uponor MLC multi-layer pipes are used in water supply system.

Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital