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Uponor Logic explained

Uponor Logic plumbing increases installation efficiencies and improves system performance. By incorporating multiport tees located near fixture groupings, Uponor Logic requires significantly fewer connections compared to a trunk-and-branch installation. With less pipe than a home-run layout and just a few more connections, Uponor Logic is a better way to design and install residential PEX plumbing.

Benefits of Uponor Logic

Lower costs

Additional pipe increases materials costs, adds installation time and also reduces system performance with reduced water pressure and longer wait times for hot water at the fixture.

Less pipe

A 2,300-square-foot, two-story home with an Uponor Logic layout requires only 637 feet of pipe and 59 connections. A home-run system uses 1,515 feet of pipe and 48 connections. While it’s true an Uponor Logic installation uses slightly more connections than a home-run layout, the amount of pipe savings is significant.

Fewer connections

With the two-story home example, a Logic layout uses a mere 16 fittings and 59 connections compared to 96 fittings and 165 connections for trunk and branch.

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How Uponor Logic benefits your business

This installation method uses considerably less pipe than a home-run layout, with only a few more connections, and it requires significantly fewer connections compared to a trunk-and-branch installation. A Logic layout provides faster hot-water delivery and reduced pressure loss for a higher-performing system.

Get faster installs, fewer connections and increase system performance with a Logic layout.

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