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Unlike other solutions, Uponor MLCP comes equip with a joint inspection window for added piece of mind. You can learn more about this solution and how it compares to other fitting methods below.

What is MLCP?

Multilayer Composite Pipes (MLCP) contain five layers and unite the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe, whilst eliminating the disadvantages of both materials at the same time.

How does MLCP compare to copper?

From pricing to hot works, Uponor considers a range of factors to assess which solution is best for your next project

S-Press Plus Connections

Learn more about Uponor's new range of metal composite fittings, which come equip with a joint inspection window

Uponor Projects

Read more about the previous MLCP projects Uponor have worked on over the last few years

How does the MLC System compare to press connections?

MLC vs Press Brochure

MLC vs Press Brochure

Can you really trust your press connection? Uponor investigates the risks to be aware of when using this type of connection and what the alternatives are in this brochure