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Drinking water delivery

MLC Uni Pipe & SAC Uni Pipe PLUS

Uponor Uni Pipe - the way forward for hygienic plumbing installations

Uponor UK offer two systems within its Uni Pipe range for safe and reliable drinking water installations:

  • Multi-Layer Composite (MLC, Uni Pipe)- with over 3.8 billion metres of MLC sold since 1982, you can rest assured that this solution which combines the benefits of a metal and plastic pipe in one is the ideal choice for your next plumbing installation. The key features of this product include a 100% diffusion tight aluminium core for enhanced stability and a flexible polyethylene outer case. 
  • Seamless Aluminium Composite (SAC, Uni Pipe Plus)- developing the MLC range even further, Uponor's central innovation team in Germany have created the world's first composite pipe with a seamlessly extruded aluminium layer- SAC. This essentially ensures it is more flexible and bendable in tight installation situations in comparison to MLC. Other benefits include:
  • Available as straight lengths and coils
  • Reduced installation times
  • Less components required, which reduces costs
  • Uni Pipe Plus straight lengths feature a special aluminium layer that is more rigid than conventional MLC
  • Provides a visually attractive, on-wall mounting solution

    Pre-insulated MLC pipe is also available on request for special projects

Application areas:

Tap water installation

Radiator connection


Uni Pipe and Uni Pipe Plus
  • SAC 16 - 32 mm
  • MLC 40 - 110 mm
  • Pre-insulated MLC 16 - 25 mm
  • S-Press PLUS 16 - 32 mm
  • RTM 16 - 32 mm
  • S-Press 40 - 75 mm
  • Modular riser fittings 63 - 110 mm

Uponor MLC- combines the benefits of a metal and plastic pipe

multilayer pipe portfolio
  • Available in dimension 16 - 110 mm
  • 100 % oxygen diffusion tight multilayer pipe and corrosion resistant
  • Easy handling
  • Low weight
  • High inherent stability and bend flexibility
  • Low linear expansion
  • Excellent hydrostatic stress performance
  • Low pressure drop in the pipes due to large internal dimensions

Uponor SAC - for fast installations

  • Up to 40 % narrower bending radius compared to conventional multilayer pipes
  • 0 % adjustments - the pipe retains the shape perfectly after bending
  • Up to 15 % less fittings thanks to the higher bending ability
  • 100 % backward compatible with Uponor's MLC pipes and S-Press connectors
  • Hygienic pipes that meet drinking water requirements and guidelines
uponor uni pipe plus

Uponor Pre-insulated MLC pipe

  • Pre-insulated pipe with insulation foam manufactured to EN 14313.
  • Insulation foam fire class BL-S2-D0 to BS EN13501-1. Combined assembly (pipe, insulation & PE-LD foil) fire class E to BS EN13501-1
  • Colour coded in red and blue
Uni Pipe Plus Multilayer pipe
  • Check out this video for an introduction to Uponor Uni Pipe Plus
Creating connections in drywall
  • Shows connections in drywall with the Uponor Smart Aqua wall duct S-Press
  • Example of wooden and plasterboard construction

Uponor S-Press fittings

Other Uponor Uni Pipe Plus fittings

Brochures related to the Uni Pipe Plus System

Uponor plumbing systems and hygiene installation

Uponor plumbing systems and hygiene installation


S-Press Brochure

S-Press Brochure

Learn more about our new range of composite fittings: S-Press Plus

PDF 680 KB
Uni Pipe PLUS

Uni Pipe PLUS

The new innovation in MLCP pipes. Contains a seamless aluminium layer for improved workability

Uponor MLCP Sales Guide

Uponor MLCP Sales Guide

Learn more about our Multi Layer Composite Pipe solution

Uponor S-Press composite 63 and 75mm new

Uponor S-Press composite 63 and 75mm new

Learn more about the extension to the S Press range

PDF 840 KB
Uponor S-Press fitting PPSU in dimensions 40 – 75 mm

Uponor S-Press fitting PPSU in dimensions 40 – 75 mm

Sales folder

PDF 801 KB
Pre-insulated multilayer coils

Pre-insulated multilayer coils

Technical data sheet

PDF 465 KB

Uni Pipe Plus System

Learn more about the composite range in detail


Seamless aluminium composite pipe.


Standard multilayer composite pipe.

S-Press PLUS

The latest press fitting generation.

Uponor S-Press PLUS composite fittings

The latest press fitting generation for composite fittings.

S-Press 40 - 75

Composite fittings for bigger dimensions.

Uponor RS

Mosular riser fittings for dimension 63 - 110 mm.

Uni C & X screw connection

Compression fittings for connection of Uni Pipe PLUS and MLC pipes.

RTM fittings

Tool free fittings.