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If you are looking for a new underfloor heating solution we can provide the ideal system for you. Uponor UK offer a wide range of tailored wet and electric underfloor heating systems to suit the varied requirements of residential and commercial buildings, as well as new build and renovation projects. A full Uponor underfloor heating system includes smart home controls, which provides Alexa voice activation and app connectivity for setting heating and cooling around your schedule. 

With a 25 year warranty offered as standard, Uponor solutions have been proven to stand the test of time*


* 25 year warranty offered on underfloor heating systems. A 2 year warranty is offered on electrical goods. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions in the UK Price Guide

Uponor underfloor heating systems provide you with added comfort and minimal heating costs

  • Underfloor heating helps to reduce energy costs- up to 20% in some cases
  • The floor surface can be heated with a lower temperature than radiators, as it covers a bigger area. What's more, there is an even distribution of heat
  • Underfloor heating is invisible, as it is fully integrated under the flooring
  • There is a reduction in the build up of dust, which is synonymous with radiators
  • Radiant heating can be provided in the winter via warm water and radiant cooling in the summer via cool water
uponor underfloor heating

Uponor Underfloor Heating Solutions

We have a full portfolio of radiant heating and cooling solutions to suit all needs

Minitec wet installation

  • A low profile underfloor heating solution (only 15mm thick)
  • Rapid installation time- the system can be setup in 3 days
  • Suitable for new builds and renovation projects

Siccus FX dry installation

  • Uponor Siccus FX has been developed as a 30mm insulation board
  • Quick to install; the floor can be walked on immediately
  • 100% emitter coverage


  • A low profile underfloor heating system, which incorporates 15mm chipboard panels with grooves
  • Rapid installation time
  • Contains preformed 12mm pipe grooves


  • Uponor have developed various heat emission plates (HEP's) to suit many timber floor applications
  • 3 HEPs are available at the following centres- 411, 400 and 300
  • Before conducting an installation, please contact Uponor for technical advise

Smatrix Pulse Controls

  • Smart controls for underfloor heating
  • Contains Alexa voice activation functionality
  • Wired and wireless options available

Solid Screed/Tacker Installation

  • A traditional way of installing underfloor heating in a building
  • Can be fixed directly to existing floor grade insulation
  • Accommodates various pipe layouts and spacings

More underfloor heating systems


  • Reliable snow and ice elimination of exposed traffic surfaces
  • Utilisation of exhaust heat from industrial production is possible

Comfort E electric underfloor heating

  • Flexible installation options for any floor type in new-build and renovation projects
  • Easy to install and create your comfortable place in no time at all

This is how you benefit from Uponor underfloor heating and cooling solutions

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Underfloor Heating Customer Brochure

Underfloor Heating Customer Brochure

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