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Underfloor heating and cooling

Solid Screed Tacker System for Underfloor Heating

Solid Screed- For a cost effective installation of underfloor heating

The Uponor Solid Screed Tacker System is a simple and cost-effective way of installing underfloor heating and cooling in a new build property. It is designed to be clipped directly to the flooring insulation board.

The system is incorporated into the build of the house at the initial stages. After the concrete slab is cast and insulation is added to increase the efficiency of your building, solid screed is applied. 

After the final screeding is applied, you will have an invisible, comfortable and efficient underfloor heating solution.  As part of our commitment we will fully quote, design and can even install your system.


Technical features:

  • Unique multiple barbed clip for secure fastening
  • Welded clip magazine to ensure no gun jams
  • Can be fixed directly to existing floor grade insulation 
  • Accommodates various pipe layouts and spacings
  • A traditional way of implementing underfloor heating and cooling

Solid Screed Installation Manual

Solid Screed installation instructions

Solid Screed installation instructions

Download underfloor heating installation instructions for solid screed floors


Learn more about the Uponor Underfloor Heating Range

Uponor offer a wide range of tailored underfloor heating systems to suit the varied requirements of residential and commercial buildings, as well as new build and renovation projects. To increase comfort, these systems can also be used to cool room

Uponor Siccus Mini

  • Tailored to low-height floor construction
  • 15 mm thin construction
  • Only requires one installer to apply
  • One-step installation ready
  • Optimized for parquet and laminate
  • Applicable for all types of floor covering e. g. tiles, natural stone, carpet or vinyl

Uponor Minitec

  • A low profile underfloor heating solution (only 15mm thick)
  • Rapid installation time- the system can be setup in 3 days
  • Suitable for new builds and renovation projects