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Uni Pipe Plus

Highly flexible multilayer pipe for dim. 16 - 32 mm

Uni Pipe Plus

Uni Pipe PLUS multilayer pipes safe time and costs during drinking water installations

More flexibility and bendability than current multilayer composite pipes

Uni Pipe PLUS consists of a seamless or OWC-technology aluminum pipe which not only prevents oxygen from entering, but also compensates for restoring forces and linear expansion caused by changes in temperature.

The coils of the multilayer composite pipe Unipipe PLUS are significantly more flexible and bendable than current multilayer pipes. This enables you to not only save time during installation, but also save costs caused by extra installation components, which are now no longer needed.
In contrast, Uni Pipe PLUS straight lengths feature a special aluminium layer that is more rigid than conventional. So you can provide a visually attractive, on-wall mounting solution which optimally caters to today’s modern installation technology. Whichever variant you need, you are guaranteed the highest safety possible.

Choose your proper multilayer composite pipe for your plumbing installation

Layers of Uni Pipe PLUS multilayer pipe

  1. Robust polyethylene outer layer
  2. Bonding agent
  3. Seamless aluminium pipe with SACP technology
  4. Bonding agent
  5. Food-safe polyethylene inner layer

Choose Uponor Uni Pipe multilayer pipe system - and benefit from these features:

15% fewer fittings

0% readjustment

Up to 40% tighter bending radius

Over 3 times lighter than copper

Features for your installation safety

  • Provides highest stability and bendability
  • Features the best surface finish for preventing the build-up of deposits
  • Is absolutely oxygen tight and corrosion resistant
  • Ensures low linear expansion
  • Delivers outstanding strength against ruptures

Compliance and certifications

  • Complies with guidelines for the drinking water directive
  • Certified by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW)
  • Complies with the Guideline for the Hygienic Assessment of Organic Materials in Contact with Drinking Water (KTW)

Multilayer pipe system = multilayer pipes + press fittings + pressing tools


  • S-Press PLUS fittings: Press fittings for composite pipes up to 32 mm
  • S-Press: Press fitting for risers, dim. 40-75 mm
  • Uponor RS: Modular press fitting system for risers with Uponor MLC pipes, dim. 63 - 110 mm
  • Compression adapters, Valves, sanitary manifolds

Pressing tools

  • Intuitive colour coding on fittings and pressing jaws
  • Stop ring segments for easy and precise jaw fixation

FAQs for multilayer pipes

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Documents and services for multilayer pipe system

Uponor project planning service

  • Expert project planning
  • Design services with professional support
  • Calculation of heat load, pipe network, hydraulic balancing and implementation planning

Uponor installer services

  • Commissioning, troubleshooting and repairs in short time
  • 10-year declaration of liability
  • Fast availability
  • Pressing machine check

Uponor digital services

  • Tender specifications
  • Documentation
  • Practical videos
  • Printed catalogue ordering
  • Trainings

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