Ceiling cooling

Energy efficient radiant ceiling cooling systems

Radiant ceiling cooling system are a sustainable and economical way to cool buildings

Radiant ceiling cooling systems are mainly found in offices and sales areas. Further applications are clean rooms in manufacturing and assembly facilities or showrooms. Ceiling cooling systems in tropical climates are operating best with heat recovery ventilation systems supplying fresh air, removing latent loads and controlling the space dew point. Typical installation types of radiant ceiling cooling systems are suspended grid installations, dry wall solutions, canopies or panels installed in peripheral zones.

Another common type of radiant ceiling cooling is utilizing the concrete’s thermal mass by embedding polyethylene cross-linked pipes (PE-Xa) carrying high temperature chilled water to cool the building’s structure. The embedded pipes activate the concrete to temporary store and discharge thermal loads.  This way, activated surfaces contribute primarily to the sensible cooling of the building by removing convective, conductive & short and long wave radiation cooling loads.

Radiant cooling - Most effective and energy efficient way

  • Invisible, energy-efficient solution resulting in buildings with excellent thermal comfort
  • Radiant cooling enables the use of high temperature chilled water with efficient EER
  • Ensures comfortable temperatures at any time of the year
  • Reduces air exchange up to minimum hygienic fresh air ventilation rate
  • Energy savings due to lower fan power consumption higher chilled water temperature
uponor underfloor cooling

Benefits of ceiling cooling

  • For high cooling loads
  • Invisible, energy-efficient solution
  • Architectural & interior freedom
  • Ideally for offices
uponor pre fabricated manifolds

Select ceiling cooling system to suit your individual requirements

Uponor Contec (TABS)

  • Inserted pipes into the concrete ceiling through which water flows
  • Use the concrete mass to thermally activate the ceiling and exchange thermal energy
  • Low investment costs
  • Ideal for office and commercial buildings

Uponor Renovis

Consists of a 15-mm thick gypsum plasterboard in which the high-quality Uponor pipes have already been integrated
Installation on all ceiling surfaces
Connection to Tichelmann distribution unit is recommended

Uponor Minitec

  • Uponor Minitec can be used both for cooling as well as at walls and ceilings
  • Interesting at predominant cooling requirement
  • Fast response system due to thin plaster layers

Uponor Thermatop M

  • Water-based cooling ceiling system that operates primarily according to the radiation principle
  • Wide variety of application and design options.
  • Quick and tool-free installation of the standardized registers by clicking the fixing rails into the CD profiles of the ceiling substructure

This is how you benefit from Uponor solutions for ceiling cooling

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Uponor cooling systems

Uponor cooling systems



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