Ceiling cooling

Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS)

Uponor Thermally Activated Building Systems (Uponor TABS) for sustainable and cost efficient cooling

Cooling water is circulated through the Uponor pipes, which are embedded within the concrete slab of the structure and thus it is fully noiseless system.
Uponor TABS Contec is designed to handle the basic cooling loads of the buildings, in order to maintain a constantly comfortable indoor climate – independently of outside temperatures. Uponor Contect uses the ceiling surfaces for cooling transfer, but also utilizes the storage capacity of the concrete core ceiling.

In summer time during night-time the ceiling will be re-cooled and can then absorb warmth from the building during day time – keeping a constant and productive working environment in office buildings. The system requires only low energy consumption due to the mean operating temperature of the water (18-28°C). This allows the energy-efficient use of renewable energy sources. This results in significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs. This solution creates a significantly improved indoor environment. Occupants in commercial and office buildings will benefit for their personal health and work productivity.

“Uponor TABS Contec uses the concrete mass of the building structure to store and exchange thermal energy to the neighbouring areas of the building”

Application areas:

  • Radiant cooling in chilled ceilings for basic loads of commercial buildings
  • TABS has become a standard for new build offices for cooling application
  • Ideal in combination with mechanical and/or natural ventilation systems
  • Can be used with renewable energy sources
  • Cost efficient due to lower investment cost, maintenance cost and low life cycle cost

Main benefits:

  • Uponor Contec and Contec ON is integrated into the building structure and activates the thermal mass of the building for cooling
  • Supports to the sustainability certificates for buildings, e.g. LEED, BREEAM and DGNB
  • TABS is silent in operation
  • Low investment and energy/efficient operation
  • Optimized utilisation of renewable energy sources
  • No restrictions in room design
  • Reliable and proven Uponor system has been installed in more than 1,000 buildings since 1997
  • Almost maintenance free system

Specifications for different Uponor TABS systems

Main product components for Uponor Contec ceiling installations

Contec modules, pipes, fittings and accessories, complete portfolio and design service for your project

Uponor Contec module DE R

Uponor Contec hook 4 or 5 mm

Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS 20 mm

Uponor Teck conduit

Uponor Q&E fittings

Uponor Contec thermal socket T2 Q&E

Main product components for Uponor Contec ON wall and ceiling installations

Contec modules, pipes, fittings and accessories, complete portfolio and design service for your project

Uponor Contec ON bracket

Uponor Contec ON fiber concrete feet

Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS 14 mm

Uponor Magna Pipe PLUS 20mm

Uponor Teck conduit

Uponor Contect thermal socket T2 Q&E

Uponor Q&E fittings and rings

Uponor Contec adapter plug T2 SV

Look up or download brochures for TABS Thermally activated building systems

Uponor Contec

Uponor Contec

Sales folder

Uponor Contec

Uponor Contec

Technical information

PDF 937 KB
Uponor Contec

Uponor Contec

Product Information

PDF 123 KB
Uponor Contec compendium

Uponor Contec compendium

Product information and hand book

Uponor Contec: why select TABS

Uponor Contec: why select TABS

Sales information

Uponor life cycle cost comparison TABS versus other HVAC systems

Uponor life cycle cost comparison TABS versus other HVAC systems

Sales information

Uponor Contec design basics

Uponor Contec design basics

Technical information for design planning

Uponor Contec construction methods

Uponor Contec construction methods

Technical information for planning

Uponor Contec tender texts

Uponor Contec tender texts

Technical information for planning - tender texts

PDF 567 KB

Select Uponor ceiling cooling system to suit your individual requirements

Select your system

Uponor Renovis

  • Consists of a 15 mm thick gypsum plasterboard in which the Uponor pipes have already been integrated
  • Installation on all ceiling surfaces
  • Connection to Tichelmann distribution unit is recommended

Uponor Thermatop M

  • Water-based heating and cooling ceiling
  • Wide variety of application and design options
  • Quick and tool-free installation
  • Standardized registers
  • Clicking the fixing rails into the CD profiles of the ceiling substructure

Uponor Minitec

  • Can be used for cooling
  • Fast response system due to thin plaster layers

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