Underfloor cooling

Energy efficient radiant underfloor cooling systems

Radiant ceiling cooling system are a sustainable and economical way to cool buildings

Underfloor cooling systems are mainly found in buildings with large open areas and high floor-to-ceiling height as well as corridors and external areas. Underfloor cooling systems utilizes the concretes or screed’s thermal mass by embedding polyethylene cross-linked pipes (PE-Xa) carrying chilled water to cool the building’s structure. The embedded pipes activate the concrete or screed to temporary store and discharge thermal loads. This way, activated floors contribute primarily to the sensible cooling of the building by removing convective, conductive, short and long wave radiation cooling loads.

The major benefits are its impact at the vertical temperature profile by providing cooling only in the occupied areas - where its need the most. Direct solar gains on the floor are removed by utilizing the precooled thermal mass of the concrete in the most efficient way.

Further efficiency gains are achieved by using renewable energy sources. Architects and building owners value these ‘invisible’ solutions (also in the form of wall or ceiling cooling). They allow maximum freedom to design creative and spacious interiors. Energy-efficient systems from Uponor are suitable for new builds as well as renovation projects.

And installers are counting on proven quality of the products combined with quick installation as well as possibility to easy retrofit thanks to low system height.

Radiant cooling - Most effective and energy efficient way

  • Invisible, energy-efficient solution resulting in buildings with excellent thermal comfort
  • Radiant cooling enables the use of high temperature chilled water with efficient EER
  • Ensures comfortable temperatures at any time of the year
  • Reduces air exchange up to minimum hygienic fresh air ventilation rate
  • Energy savings due to lower fan power consumption higher chilled water temperature
uponor underfloor heating

Benefits of underfloor cooling

  • For base cooling loads
  • Solar load absorption
  • Ideally for buildings with large areas, glass facades and high floor to ceiling height
  • For new commercial & industrial projects
uponor pre fabricated manifolds

Select Uponor underfloor cooling system to suit your individual requirements

Underfloor cooling systems in residential and commercial buildings are often the first choice. And since the requirements for the design and function of an underfloor cooling can differ very much, Uponor offers tailor-made solutions not only for new buildings, but also for renovation. 

All products for underfloor cooling systems


  • Direct laying possible on the existing top flooring, ideal for renovation
  • Efficient usage of regenerative energies also in old buildings


  • Broad usage – from single-family houses through to large-scale commercial objects
  • Norm-compliant vertical and horizontal pipe position allows even screed covering


  • Free insulating material selection for a wide range of applications
  • Norm-compliant vertical and horizontal pipe position allows even screed covering


  • Optimal space utilisation without interfering system components
  • Economical through rapid amortisation and minimal maintenance costs

This is how you benefit from Uponor solutions for underfloor cooling

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Uponor cooling systems

Uponor cooling systems




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