May 23, 2023

"Balancing a Manifold is Easy"

by Dan Hubbard

In the HVAC industry, we say, “balancing a radiant manifold is easy,” but we failed to say “messing up a radiant installation is easy.” Both are true. If you’re not making certain the installation matches the design, or if you’re not paying attention to your heat loss or loop lengths on an already installed system, congratulations, you messed up. 

Contractors that both understand the design elements of a system and use the best installation practices offer greater value to the homeowners that hire them. In many cases, understanding both can increase a contractor’s project win rate, reduce callbacks, and improve customer satisfaction. 

Dan Hubbard has been with Uponor since 2008. He has been a member of both Construction Services and Training teams. Dan educates contractors on proper system design and installation best practices for Uponor radiant, plumbing, and fire safety systems in residential applications. He also teaches about applications for Uponor PEX-a and PP-RCT piping in commercial plumbing, radiant, and hydronic distribution systems.