May 08, 2024

Daniel Worm Talks Plumbing and Kitting on Mechanical Hub Podcast

by Alex Gross

Digging Deep with Uponor's Daniel Worm

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Daniel Worm, manager, Portfolio Application at Uponor North America, was featured on Mechanical Hub’s Appetite for Construction podcast. The 35-minute chat covered everything from his passion for plumbing and his experience at Uponor to what’s on the forefront for the company given leadership changes and an acquisition by Georg Fischer. He also provided an update on Uponor Kitting Services and revealed plans for prefabrication services while also hinting at some exciting new offerings entering the market in 2024 and 2025.

With more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry with an emphasis in plumbing application and design, Worm leads the Portfolio Application Team, managing the lifecycle of all cataloged products for Uponor North America.

His team works with contractors and engineers to help add ease and efficiency to building projects by visiting jobsites, watching how customers work, gaining an understanding of the challenges they face, and, ultimately, brainstorming solutions to improve installation efficiencies. He says a highlight of his position is seeing customers’ excitement and satisfaction when they enhance efficiency with Uponor solutions.

When it came time to offer the new Uponor Kitting Services to customers, Worm leveraged his design and product management experience over the last two decades to help bring the solution to market. The service was a response to the challenges contractors are facing today. When it was developed in 2022, it was not aimed to reinvent the wheel, but rather reduce the number of steps to get the right products to the end user.

The Kitting Services Team works with contractors and engineers on a variety of projects to determine the best design and leverage the Uponor product catalog, ensuring an accurate bill of materials. From there, Uponor selects all the necessary parts, prepackages them, labels them by room number, and ships the packages containing all the Uponor products to specific floors and zones of the construction site.

The service has now been used on several new construction projects and is proving to save significant installation time, while also helping to lower labor and material costs, reduce jobsite waste, and enable better management of the construction schedule. And to capitalize on this trend, Worm says Uponor is working to provide prefabrication services to further enhance construction efficiency and address skilled-labor challenges.

With this focus on efficiency solutions and new offerings on the horizon, the company is well-positioned to address the evolving needs of the construction industry. To learn more about Kitting Services, professionals can contact their local manufacturer representative, work with their Uponor regional salesperson, or visit