May 01, 2024

How Radiant Heating Promotes Sustainability and Indoor Environmental Air Quality

by Kim Bliss

When the global pandemic forced lockdowns across the country and many employees were mandated to work from home, it brought a new focus to the need for sustainability and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in structures. This trend is bringing energy-efficient solutions, such as radiant floor heating, along with renewable energy sources, such as geothermal and solar, to the forefront.

Although hydronic radiant heating has been around for hundreds of years and has been the main form of heating homes throughout Europe for decades, the US has lagged behind in adopting this technology, with only about 4% of homes using hydronic radiant heat.

In addition to its extreme thermal comfort that keeps warmth close to the body, hydronic radiant heating is also exceptionally energy-efficient and helps promote a cleaner indoor environment with better air quality. 

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