Jan. 10, 2024

Pipe Up for Progress: Matt Risinger Unleashes Eco-Conscious Security with Uponor ProPEX®

by Alex Gross

Plumbing professionals face a dual challenge: building for the future while protecting the present. That's where Uponor PEX-a shines like a gleaming, leak-proof beacon of hope. Forget messy glues, toxic solvents, and hazardous hot work – this innovative system delivers watertight security while remaining eco-friendly. 

Matt Risinger, an Austin, Texas contractor, recently shared his PEX-a experience in his own home. As a self-proclaimed "nerdy researcher," he sought a quality solution that would last a lifetime. Here's why you should join the chorus of praise: 

No Room for Error, Only Room for Expansion: Say goodbye to the nail-biting uncertainty of dry-fit connections. ProPEX's genius lies in its expansion fittings. Slide the ring on, crimp with the dedicated tool, and voilà – a connection so confident it practically guarantees quality. Leaks become a distant memory, replaced by the smooth symphony of reliable water flow. 

Mother Earth Cheers: Unlike traditional methods laden with harsh chemicals and open flames, ProPEX PEX-a embraces a greener path. No VOCs, no fumes, no environmental hazards – just pure, clean plumbing bliss. You'll be doing the planet (and your lungs) a favor while securing those customer contracts. 

Versatility Reigns Supreme: This isn't a one-trick pony. ProPEX boasts a full range of engineered polymer fittings for all your piping needs. Tees, elbows, couplings, and plugs – they're all there, ready to tackle both interior and exterior projects. Bury them in soil or concrete slabs; they'll reign supreme in any application. 

Brass Gets Eco-Conscious: For those times when brass beckons, Uponor doesn't disappoint. The company's lead-free brass fittings, approved for direct burial, bring their strength and shine to the eco-party. Just remember to swaddle them in a six-mil poly hug for complete environmental harmony. And for non-potable applications, Uponor offers yellow brass fittings that get the job done without the lead blues. Again, the six-mil poly wrap is their ever-faithful companion. 

So, ditch the doubts of traditional plumbing systems and embrace the future. Uponor ProPEX isn't just a plumbing system; it's a statement. A statement that says, "I care about quality, I care about the environment, and I care about making my customers sigh with relief (not leaky faucets).  

Spread the word, a world where secure pipes flow with eco-friendly confidence can be built with Uponor. The future of plumbing is here, and its name is ProPEX. 

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