Oct. 6, 2023

The Sonders Project: Pioneering Sustainable Living for the 55+ Community 

by Natalie Jacobwith

At Uponor, we believe in the power of innovation and sustainability. We take pride in our commitment to creating plumbing and heating solutions that not only make life easier but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable world. That's why we are thrilled to be part of the Sonders Project, a groundbreaking community development that is redefining sustainable living for the 55+ demographic in Fort Collins, Colo. 


The Sonders Project: A Vision for the Future 

The Sonders Project is more than just a housing development; it's a visionary approach to creating homes and communities that cater to the unique needs of the aging population. The recent global pandemic has underscored the importance of providing seniors with housing that allows them to age in place while staying connected to a vibrant community. In partnership with Thrive Home Builders, one of the primary builders for Sonders, the project aims to address this pressing need. 

The name "Sonder" captures the essence of the project — the realization that each person passing by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Sonders Fort Collins is designed to foster a sense of community and connection among its residents while offering all the features required for comfortable and healthy living. 


A Sustainable Approach 

Uponor’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is not just a corporate slogan; it's a driving force behind our involvement in the Sonders Project. As a pioneer in plumbing and heating solutions, we are proud to play a pivotal role in creating homes that are not only sustainable but also comfortable, efficient, and built to last. 


The Uponor AquaPEX® Plumbing System: A Game Changer 

At the heart of the Sonders Project lies our Uponor AquaPEX® plumbing system. This system represents a significant departure from traditional copper plumbing solutions and offers a multitude of advantages that align perfectly with the project's sustainability goals. 

Durability and Longevity 

One of the primary advantages of the Uponor AquaPEX plumbing system is its unparalleled durability and longevity. Unlike metal plumbing systems that are susceptible to corrosion, Uponor AquaPEX is immune to the same type of degradation. With Uponor, homeowners can trust their plumbing systems are manufactured and designed to last for decades, reducing the need for costly and resource-intensive replacements. This longevity not only benefits residents but also contributes to the project’s sustainability by reducing material waste and resource consumption. 


Efficient Water Distribution 

Efficiency is a key pillar of sustainability, and the Uponor AquaPEX plumbing system excels in this regard. Designed with Uponor Logic in mind, the system distributes water efficiently throughout the homes in the Sonders Project. By minimizing the need for excess materials and connections, Uponor Logic reduces waste and conserves resources. This not only benefits the environment but also translates into cost savings for homeowners. 

No Scale Buildup 

Scale buildup in plumbing systems can lead to reduced water flow and efficiency. However, Uponor AquaPEX eliminates this concern. Its smooth, non-corroding surface prevents scale buildup, ensuring that water flows freely without any obstructions. This feature not only maintains the system’s efficiency but also prolongs its lifespan, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs. 


Minimal Environmental Impact 

Sustainability isn't just about the final product; it's also about the materials used in construction. The Uponor AquaPEX plumbing system is manufactured with a strong commitment to minimizing environmental impact. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and sustainability certifications are essential requirements for all products used in the Sonders Project. By choosing Uponor, the project ensures that its plumbing systems meet these rigorous standards, contributing to an overall reduction in the environmental footprint. 


A Complete System 

When discussing the Uponor AquaPEX system, it is crucial to emphasize the substantial quality and value brought by Uponor ProPEX® fittings, which are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. Their durability and reliability make them the preferred choice for builders and installers. 


Superior Reliability with Environmental Benefits 

A prominent feature of Uponor ProPEX fittings is the exceptional reliability. These fittings use an expansion method for connection, resulting in a secure seal without the need for torches, glues, or solvents, which can be harmful to the environment. 


Installation Efficiencies 

ProPEX connections are not only dependable, they also help speed installations. This efficiency offers advantages to both builders and homeowners — builders can complete projects faster and homeowners can enjoy shorter construction timelines. 

Uponor and the Sonders Project: A Perfect Partnership 

We are proud to partner with Thrive Home Builders and other stakeholders to contribute our expertise in sustainable plumbing and heating solutions. This partnership aligns with our mission to create homes and communities that are not only environmentally friendly but also healthy and comfortable for residents. 

As the Sonders Project moves forward, Uponor remains committed to driving sustainable innovation in the building industry. Our goal is to provide solutions that not only meet the needs of today’s homeowners but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Together with our partners, we are shaping a world where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, creating homes and communities that truly make a difference.